Python Programming Training for Beginners

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Delivery Method: Classroom                                                               
Duration: 8 weeks

Days: Weekdays 9am – 12noon ( Twice weekly)

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About the Course:

Coding or Programming is simply telling a computer to do something. It is all about you giving the computer the right instructions. When you do, then you can do amazing things like creating web apps, games and robots!  Our Python programming training will guide you through the fundamentals of programming using this easy to learn programming language. Python is one of the top 5 programming languages used in the world today.

Google uses Python in its web search systems, You-Tube video sharing service is largely written in Python, while Dropbox and Instagram are using python to build their site. Python offers a stepping stone into the amazing world of programming. Python programming has been around for over 25 years and it is rising in popularity.

Reasons for popularity

1. Simplicity of its code which makes for  easy easy comprehension for beginners.
2. Python code is easy to read, easy to learn and still a powerful language.
3 It takes absolutely no programming skill  required to start learning python
4.Weather you are beginner or an expert you can learn to code python

What can yo do with python?

It can easily be used for small, large, online and offline projects in web development, simple scripting, GUI development, and data analysis among others

Recommended Background:
This python programming training is specially packaged and delivered in an easy to learn format for the teenagers and adults who want to learn programming in a fun and rewarding way without any previous programming knowledge. All you need is the desire and willingness to learn it. You need to bring your own WiFi enabled laptop to participate fully in this course. Wireless broadband access is provided on location.

What you will learn:
Within the safe environment of the classroom, with the opportunity to make mistakes without any dire consequences, you will discover how you can make your own games, write programs that does exactly what you intent it to do, You will also be learning a programming language that is used by NASA and Google and in general understand computer better. Another takeaway from the course is that you will be improving your reasoning, logic and communication skills.

Course Outline:
Designing Software
The Python Programming Language
Why We Learn How To Write Programs
Variables, Expressions, and Statements
Conditional Execution
Loops & Iteration
Reading Files
Python Lists
Python Dictionaries
Regular Expressions
Networked Programs
Using Web services
Relational Databases & SQL

Course Fee: #50,000.00

At the end of the Python programming training course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion.

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