PRINCE2 Certification Training Course Foundation & Practitioner

Training in accordance with International Standards

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Delivery Method: Classroom
Duration: 8 weeks
Days: Weekends 10am – 2pm (Saturdays)
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PRINCE2 certification training course focuses on PRINCE2, a generic method for Project Management. Without a project management method, those who commission a project, those who manage it and those who work on it will surely have different ideas about how things should be organised and when different aspects of the project will be completed.

In addition members of the project team will not be clear about how much responsibility they have, and as a result , there will often be confusion surrounding the project.

Without a project management method, projects are rarely completed on time and within acceptable cost. A good knowledge of a  project management method like PRINCE2 is very important in  guiding the project through a controlled, well-managed, visible set of activities to achieve the desired results.

For Whom:
PRINCE2 Certification training is a practical course which is delivered in a lively, fun, fast paced and informative style is designed to give  you a very good understanding of the PRINCE2 method for the successful management of projects in organisations in addition to giving a thorough training to those who are preparing for the PRINCE2 Foundations and Practitioner exams and for those who know about project management but are looking for some structures to help them run their projects.

What you will learn:
At the end of the training Project Managers using PRINCE2 method in managing their projects will be able to:

  1. Establish terms of reference as a pre-requisite to the start of a project
  2. Use a defined structure for delegation, authority and communication
  3. Divide the project into manageable stages for more accurate planning
  4. Ensure resource commitment from management is part of any approval to procced
  5. Provide regular but brief management reports
  6. Keep meetings with management and stakeholders to a minimum but at the vital points in the project.

Those who will be directly involved with using the results of a project are able to:

  1. Participate in the decision-making on a project
  2. If desired, be fully involved in the day-to-day progress
  3. Participate in quality checks throughout the project
  4. Ensure their requirements are being adequately satisfied.

Course Outline:
Introduction to PRINCE2
The Process Model
PRINCE2 Principles
Introduction to PRINCE2 Themes
Business case Theme
Risk Theme
Introduction to PRINCE2 Processes
Starting up a Project
Directing a Project
Initiating a Project
Controlling a Stage
Managing Product Delivery
Managing Stage Boundary
Closing a Project

Course Fee: #85,000.00
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