Microsoft Project 2010 Planning Training

Training in accordance with International Standards

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Delivery Method: Classroom

Duration: 6 weeks

Days: Weekends 10am-1pm (Saturdays)

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Microsoft Project Training will take you through the MS Project 2010 Planning  tool the most widely used version  that can help you deliver your projects efficiently and effectively at the start of a project when you determine what needs to be done, when, by whom, and for how much money. MS Project 2010 Project planning tool is invaluable even after you kick off the project, when you are continually controlling and managing project details. MS Project 2010 is a trustworthy planning tool when you are managing the level of quality in the project, planning for risks and contingencies, and communicating with the members of the project team as well as with upper management or customers. It is a smart tool that can help you manage the many responsibilities associated with your project.

The Microsoft Project Training course has been designed to take you through all the major features of the most widely used version of the planning tool, giving you the confidence as a result to plan, track and report on your project even when you are a complete newbie to the tool or Project Management. BOOK NOW!


Even if you have never used MS Project before or never managed Project but are familiar with a couple of programs in the MS Office e.g Ms-Word and MS-Excel, this Microsoft Project Training course with the MS Project 2010 Planning tool is perfect for you.

What you will learn:

 At the end of the course, you will be equipped with a powerful tool that puts you well ahead in the Project Management game and with a greater edge towards a successful project delivery.

And if you have an experience in Project Management, this Microsoft Project Training  teaches you how you can integrate common Project Management Practices with the use of MS Project 2010 to carry out the Project Management functions you are accustomed to.

Course Outline:

  • Understanding Projects and Project Management
  • Starting a new Project
  • How to create a new Project Plan
  • How you can set up a Work Break- Down Schedule
  • How to Schedule Tasks
  • How to Setup Task Durations
  • How to establish Task Dependencies
  • How to set up Resources in the Project
  • Understanding the importance of Resources in the Plan
  • How to assign Resources to Tasks
  • Planning Resources and Task Resources
  • Checking and Adjusting the Project Plan
  • Setting up a Baseline and Updating the Progress
  • How to respond to Changes in your Project
  • How to report Project Information
  • How to analyse Progress Using Earned Value Management

Course Fee: N45,000.00

Course fee includes course training manual. Please bring your own WiFi enabled laptop. Wireless broadband access is provided on location.

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