Creating an Entrepreneurial Mindset: How to Think Like an Entrepreneur

PETER ALBERTSON LIMITED in association with CHEMLINE NIGERIA LIMITED presents: Entrepreneurship Education & Training on Creating an Entrepreneurial Mindset: How to Think Like an Entrepreneur


Business/economic environment in our country today has become fuzzy, chaotic/messy, complex uncertain and change very rapidly. To succeed in the midst of this chaos and uncertainty, we require the agility, creativity, flexibility, innovation., interdependence and vision of an entrepreneur and their enterprising unit.

Entrepreneurs have the ability to see, understand and take advantage of evolving markets. The entrepreneur’s ability to think differently, use insights, see what others don’t, envision what doesn’t yet exist, and identify opportunity when it’s ripe – these are the prized qualities of today’s entrepreneur.

For the purposes of this training, the term “entrepreneurial mindset” will be defined as the underlying beliefs and assumptions that drive the behaviour enabling entrepreneurs to succeed. This training also takes the approach that anyone (not just those who want to start businesses or enterprises) can benefit from understanding and applying an entrepreneurial mindset to any situation that demands change in their life.

This training is designed to immerse delegates in learning about the fundamental aspects of an entrepreneurial mindset and the unlimited opportunities it can provide. By 2020, projections show that 1 in 6 people worldwide will be entrepreneurs. That’s more than 1 billion people! Our goal is to make this process easier for at least 1 million of them. It doesn’t matter if you dream of building a virtual platform or a brick-and-mortar shop. A shift in attitude demands that the entrepreneurial mindset becomes a second nature to the new generation. The call for a greater emphasis on enterprise and entrepreneurship education is compelling.

In addition, driven by a need for flexibility and adaptability, the labour market requires graduates with enhanced skills who can think on their feet and be innovative in a global economic environment. Yes, this is the age of entrepreneurs. This is the time of the doers, the innovators. This is the time to bring creative destruction to the society by inventing new innovative ideas.


This training is designed to develop an understanding of entrepreneurs, their mindsets and the ways in which they learn. The training will engage in learning that helps you understand the ways of doing; ways of feeling; ways of thinking; ways of organising; ways of seeing; ways of communication; and, ways of learning as they relate to enterprise and entrepreneurship.

At the end of the training the delegates will be able to –
– Think Entrepreneurally
-See Entrepreneurally i.e Recognise and shape opportunities
– Act Entrepreneurally


What is Entrepreneurship?
What Makes Someone an Entrepreneur?
Why become and Entrepreneur?
Understanding Entrepreneurs
Preliminary Preparation to become Successful Entrepreneur
What Stops people behaving in an Entrepreneurial way?
How Entrepreneurial are you?
Developing a clear vision?
Building Skills to implement the vision
Entrepreneurship in action


The delivery of this one day training will be a combination of theoretical constructs with practical applications. Case studies, simulations, role-plays and games will be utilized to enhance opportunities for learning.


The participants are expected to be a good mix of secondary school graduates, university students, NYSC members, and other youths who are considering new venture creation and self-employment as valid graduate career options, those who want to develop and grow an existing business, or design an entrepreneurial organisation.


The course will be led by Albert Imologomhe (B.Sc, M.Sc, M.B.A) Peter Albertson’s Limited Managing Director. Web Designer, SEO and IT Project Management expert.


Date: February 10th 2016 10.00am
Venue: Plot C (7),Obasa Road,Chemline House, Behind Forte Oil(formerly AP Filling Station),Off Oba Akran Avenue, Ikeja – Lagos, Nigeria


This course is FREE


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